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14 October – 17 December 2023

The ever-popular biennial art exhibition celebrating Aotearoa’s autistic artists is back!

iNDx is a collaborative and thought-provoking exhibition. The name comes from “I” for identity, “ND” for neurodivergent or neurologically “not typical”, and “Dx”, a play on the medical abbreviation for diagnosis.

Featuring works from several artists renowned in both the autism and arts communities, such as Tom Fox and Yaniv Janson; there are 30 artists represented in total, from beautiful portraits to comic-style pieces and from abstract art to whimsical illustrations.

The exhibition highlights a range of art mediums including audio, digital, and video pieces to be displayed sit alongside physical artworks.

iNDx has won a national arts access award, and not only allows the public to appreciate the diverse talent of the autistic community in Otago, but also provides opportunities for collaboration, partnership, community, and creativity, and a chance for voices to be heard.

A mural, commissioned for the Wairoa Centennial Library in 1962 and painted by E. Mervyn Taylor, is set to be auctioned this week, but it is unlikely that proceeds will go to the flood-ravaged community. Dr Bronwyn Holloway-Smith reports.
Eliana Gray reviews the exhibition at The Dowse Art Museum, 12 August 2022–19 November 2023.
Gabriella Hirst, as told to Hana Pera Aoake and Morgan Godfery, on her projects An English Garden (2021) and ‘How to Make a Bomb’ (2015–ongoing), which consider the British Imperial histories of ‘gardening the world’ and their ongoing nuclear armament programmes.
The twelve-week festival of free-to-view public art will run from 25 November 2023 to 17 February 2024.
Jo Bragg on Tony Guo’s whimsical alienations.
Bridget Reweti speaks to Simon Kaan about collaboration and care with artist-elders.

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