Issue °150, Summer 2010



The Summer 2010 issue of Art News New Zealand includes essays on the future of the arts in the Super City, by Hamish Keith, Rebecca Lancashire interviews Te Papa’s newly appointed chief executive, Mike Houlihan, and senior art curator, Heather Galbraith, Virginia Were speaks with four leading contemporary art dealers about the pleasures and challenges of owning a gallery, Sue Gardiner interviews some inspiring artists taking on ambitious projects and Michael Smither talks to Dan Chappell about the mysterious connection between colour and sound. In columns, Josie McNaught wonders about the Walters Prize, Matthew Collings is very particular about colour relationships and John Perry keeps his ear to the ground of the market. We visit the studio of Brendon Wilkinson, profile Sam Mitchell, discuss the recent collaboration of Niki Hastings-McFall and Chris Charteris, speak to Richard Maloy during his residency in San Francisco and Mexican writer Hector Zamora following his visit to Christchurch. Andrew Clifford reports from Los Angeles, London and Liverpool, Sarah Hillary visits her favourite Los Angeles galleries, and our reviews come from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Istanbul.


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