Issue °164, Winter 2014



Shannon Te Ao
Materialising ghosts
by Virginia Were

Walters Prize 2014
in conversation with Maddie Leach, Luke Willis Thompson Kalisolaite ‘Uhila, Simon Denny

Nigel Brown
A republic of figurative and verbal objects
by Denys Trussell

Noel McKenna
On the road again
by Dan Chappell

and essays on the 19th Biennale of Sydney; Robert Leonard’s return to New Zealand; SOLOMON MORTIMER’s new book of photographs, Sue Gardiner on GORDON WALTERS’ time in Australia; Linda Tyler in conversation with renowned artist and educator MARILYNN WEBB. Josie McNaught wonders what happened to the arts during the royal visit; Judy Millar reflects on how the Internet is shaping our notions of place; Dutch artist MARIJKE DE GOEY installs a new work at Gibbs Farm; nine Australian artists take to the beaches and hills of Waiheke Island; jeweller PETER DECKERS visits Schmuck and Talente in Munich


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