Issue °166, Summer 2014



Entering Yvonne Todd’s parallel universe
by Virginia Were

Billy Apple
Portrait of the artist as an invented identity
by Emma Jameson

Pauline Bern
From small beginnings come beautiful things
by Linda Tyler

Marita Hewitt
Watercolourists travel light
by Marita Hewitt

and Aaron Kreisler reports on the Edinburgh Art Festival; Evelyn Dunstan on teaching lost-wax glass casting in Istanbul; Dan Chappell in conversation with architect, publisher and art collector RON SANG on his strategy to introduce contemporary New Zealand art into his buildings; Damian Skinner on pioneering contemporary jewellery Fingers; Virginia Were on Massey University’s new international artist residency and their inaugural resident CHRISTIAN THOMPSON

JUDY MILLAR wonders if art can counter our addiction to speedy change; Josie McNaught ponders the change of guard in the Arts Portfolio; and we hear from Tim Melville on the Gija artists of Western Australia


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