Issue °168, Winter 2015



Wayne Youle
A multi-disciplinary man
by Jamie Hanton

Cat Auburn
Tails of the unexpected
by Margo White

Denys Watkins
Retracing the light
by Julian McKinnon

Antony Gormley
What lies beyond?
by Rob Garrett

Lorene Taurerewa
Strangely beautiful
by Lorene Taurerewa

and RICHARD STRATTON meanders across Europe; Sue Gardiner on the artists who are revisiting gestural abstraction; Linda Tyler speaks to some of benefactors amid changes to arts funding in New Zealand; JUDY MILLAR explores the way pop celebrities are moving into the art world; Josie McNaught is dismayed at the decision to close Te Papa Press and John Perry runs his eye over the first round of major auctions for 2015. Our reviewers report back from Auckland, Hastings, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Sydney and Bondi


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