Issue °182, Summer 2018



Virginia Leonard, Peter Hawkesby, Kate Newby, Julia Morison and Isobel Thom
Double Glazing
by Denis O’Connor

Manifesta 12
Each Seed Announces Tomorrow
by Nansi Thompson

Cook 250
At Meretoto
by Sarah McClintock

and CAROLINE MCQUARRIE, JOHN PUSATERI, SARAH MUNRO, MARK SURRIDGE, BRETT GRAHAM and JO BRAGG, with reviews of BARBARA TUCK, JUDY MILLAR, Walters Prize 2018, Twice, SÉRAPHINE PICK, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, SONYA LACEY, Heart of the Golden Sun, Can Tame Anything, Māreikura: Wāhine Beyond Suffrage, ARWA ALNEAMI, DENYS WATKINS, NICOLA JACKSON, EMMA FITTS, JULIA MORISON, STEVE CARR, SCAPE Public Art, wā o mua, Sisters Community, Frieze Art Fair, Oceania and LUKE WILLIS THOMPSON

sketches include Northart, JANE BUSTIN, Annex, Webb’s, IAIN CHEESEMAN, Awaroa Lodge, KAREN RUBADO, My Art Collectors Series and MADISON KELLY


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