Issue °198, Winter 2023



Richard Frater
Image situation
by Laura Preston

Sione Monū
All these worlds and more
by Hanahiva Rose

Brent Harris
A Miraculous Sight
by Francis McWhannell

Mataaho Collective
As though it were a spiderweb
by Jon Bywater

Linda Buis & Peter Roche
Scenes from an archive
by Natasha Conland

conversations with UFUOMA ESSI, Ioana Gordon-Smith on Naadhobi: To Draw Water at Pātaka Art + Museum, Nadia Samdani and Zara Stanhope on the Dhaka Art Summit

reviews on HEATHER STRAKA and EMILY HARTLEY-SKUDDER by Evangeline Riddiford Graham; SUSAN TE KAHURANGI KING by Lachlan Taylor; Octopus 23: The Field by Hillary Thurlow; TURUMEKE HARRINGTON by Michelle Rahurahu; YONA LEE by Julia Craig; Who can think, what can think by Oscar Mardell

news and previews on Bartley & Company Art, Ruth Buchanan, CoCA, Bing Dawe, Simon Denny, Jack Hadley, Nikau Hindin and Rongomai Kapiri-Mārama Hoskins, Priscilla Rose Howe, Huarere: Weather Eye, Weather Ear, Jess Johnson, Judy Millar, Maddie Leach, Legacies, Lisa Reihana, Laida Lertxundi, Matariki, Emma McIntyre, Dane Mitchell, Monmouth Glass Studio, Pluto Projects, Starkwhite Auckland, Sumer, Sydney Contemporary, Manuha‘apai Vaeatangitau, Lisa Walker and Ways To Utopia

Editorial Director: Becky Hemus
Editors: Cameron Ah-Loo Matamua and Connie Brown
Copy Editor: Marie Shannon
Art Direction: 1of1 Studio; Olivia Woodgate


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