Who reads Art News?

Since 1996, AC Neilsen/McNair/NRB have included Art News in their magazine readership survey, and the following are relevant breakdowns of readership numbers, TAGS groupings, and other relevant interests, buying habits and occupational/educational details.

Total readership 36,000 (1998 No. 1) up from 31,000 in 1997 No. 1.

Of this readership, the most significant TAGS groupings are Liberal Sophisticates (41% or 14,760 readers) and Affluent Acquirers (20% with 7,200 readers).

Occupational groups are more evenly spread, with 11% self employed; 14% in sales/clerical roles; 9% in professional or government positions; and 7% in business or executive roles.

Art News attracts a highly educated readership, with 23% of readers University graduates; a further 21% with other tertiary qualifications, and 61% with UE or better.

Our readers are unashamedly metropolitan, with 73% (26,280 readers) living in cities, and 69% north of the Bombays.

We also attract a wide range of readership interests – in the sporting arena, 38% mention running or jogging as a major exertion, 30% ski regularly; 32% enjoy sailing and 34% leap into the saddle and cycle regularly for their exercise, 29% enjoy golf, 38% tennis, 47% love watersports and 29% enjoy a few games of cricket now and then.

In a more cultural vein, not surprisingly, 88% of our readership are regular patrons of the theatre and arts in general; 45% are frequent club and cafe-goers; 91% are avid cinema-goers; 64% enjoy classical music, 85% eat out at restaurants on a regular basis and 47% mention photography as a hobby. For relaxation, 65% (22,900) of readers enjoy a glass of New Zealand wine on a regular basis, and 38% also drink spirits.

Art News readers also like to travel widely to enjoy their culture and leisure pursuits – over 50% are frequent overseas air travellers and 41% use the internal flight networks on a regular basis.

All-in-all, a fairly impressive readership for the “quiet achiever” in the arts and cultural magazine area. For very reasonable rates, Art News delivers your message to an affluent, well-educated market that is keenly interested in a wide range of cultural and leisure pursuits.


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